Pioneer AS-BT200

Pioneer AS-BT200 Bluetooth adaptor

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"Sadly, Pioneer have discontinued this handy little dongle and we've completely sold out of stock. We're sorry, we can no longer supply this to you. Annoyingly there isn't a replacement model either so all you can do now is try the second hand market to see if you can find one."


It's a simple idea this - rather than fitting Bluetooth as standard on all its products, Pioneer has instead produced a Bluetooth adaptor so if you want Bluetooth, you just need to buy this and plug it into your product.

The minus of course is that it is extra costs. The logic behind this makes sense - Bluetooh costs money, and not everyone wants it, so by making it an optional extra it means the main unit costs less, however that doesn't help much if you want Bluetooth! Luckily it isn't a fortune, and if you really want Bluetooth this works perfectly. We've tried it on a variety of different phones and it works a treat.

Some Bluetooth devices can be controlled from your Pioneer product, but if not don't worry you can control it from your device. Overall we kind of like this simple functionality and the AS-BT200 remains a popular choice.

Please do check to make sure your Pioneer product supports this adaptor. It's easy to check - there should be an obvious visible input for it (usually labelled as such) and it will also be mentioned in your operating manual. We are of course happy to check for you if you give us a call.

Tech Spec


Model AS-BT200
Colour Black


Range No