Peerless TRPPHD015 HDMI cable (1.5m)

Peerless TRPPHD015 HDMI cable (1.5m)

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"Our budget 3D compatible HDMI cable is perfect if you want to get good quality picture without the expense of higher end cables. It's 1.5m in length so should work with most home system set ups."


HDMI quality matters. We've spent a long time investigating the quality of HDMI cables and we can't help but think that the budget cables (those under £10) vary hugely in quality. If you need a simple comparison, try using a free HDMI cable or a £2 HDMI cable against this cable. The differences are large - and jusifty spending just those few pounds extra to get something worthwhile of your equipment.

Of course its not just picture quality, its also compatibility. Many cables claim to be version 1.4a or higher but yet aren't. Again, we've tested sub £5 cables and found shocking differences in how well they actually carry information. More often than not they are unable to live up to their claims and simply don't provide what they say on the box.

Our investigations discovered this cable, and we were pleased. It's more than capable of transmitting all the data it should do, and gives a great picture and good audio too. And the price? We've slashed it to give you an affordable cable that for a few pounds more gives you the perfect companion to your audio visual device.

Tech Spec


Range No
Model TRPPHD015


Cable Length 1.5m
HDMI version 1.4
ARC compatible Yes
Is it 3D? Yes