Peerless SLWS351/BK

Peerless SLWS451/BK full motion articulating wall mount for 42"-90" televisions

"If you want to keep your TV as flat to the wall as possible whilst also offering the ability to pull your TV from the wall and turn or tilt it this full motion bracket is designed to be as slim as possible. The entire bracket squeezes down to only 47mm, holding your TV from the wall by less than 5cm."

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We've always liked the flexibility that Peerless brackets offer, and with this adaptable slimline bracket you get some very flexible features yet at the same time a very flush wall mount.

The only restriction here is that the TV you choose to mount must be no greater than 76mm thick - any thicker and the bracket may not be able to take the weight at full extension - so for safety we always recommend keeping to within these limits!

Once mounted you'll be able to move the screen with ease into a variety of different positions - including pulling it up to 631mm from the wall (that's over 2 foot!) plus position it left or right by up to 72.5 degrees. There's also tilt available too, plus there's cable management on the rear to ensure that your cables are kept neat and don't get tangled up.

We think this bracket is ideal for those wanting maximum flexilibity with the minimum of fuss.

Also known as: SLWS 451, SLWS451, SLWS451BK

Tech Spec


Model SLWS451/BK
Colour Black

TV Bracket

VESA Pattern 800 x 400
Allows TV to be tilted Yes
Maximum tilt angle 5 degrees up, 15 degrees down
Allows TV to be swiveled Yes
Angle of swivel +/- 72.5 degrees
Allows TV to be rolled Yes
Angle of roll +/- 5 degrees
Minimum distance from wall 47 mm
Allows TV to be pulled out from wall Yes
Maximum distance TV can be pulled from the wall 631 mm
Maximum weight bracket can hold 57 kg


Dimensions (W x H x D) 819 x 442 x (47 to 631) mm
Gross boxed weight 11.7 kg