Peerless PRMT220

Peerless PRMT220 tilting wall bracket for 22" to 37" televisions

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"Need a bracket that will let you angle your TV easily? This flexible bracket allows you to tilt and roll your set into the perfect position. You'll need the fittings to attach to your wall but other than that it's easy to do and will let you set an angle up to 15 degrees up or down."


If you need a bit of tilt on your TV (usually if your TV is mounted higher than normal) then this tilting bracket should be perfect. It consists of a small back plate which you'll need to attach to your wall (wall fittings not provided) and a larger front plate which is attached to the rear plate and then the tilt angle set. Finally you can hang your TV onto the rear plate by using the screw fittings provided in the rear of your TV - a simple keyhole hook lets you slide the TV on and into place.

It's pretty straightforward and won't take much effort at all, certainly a job you can do on your own. The most critical part will be ensuring that rear plate is solidly attached to your wall but other than that it's easy enough to do. 

There's a roll setting on this bracket too so once you've got the TV on you can roll through 5 degrees either way - this allows you to get the set perfectly level with the assistance of a spirit level (not included!).

We think this is an ideal option for tilting your set. If you'd like to know more then why not get in touch with one of our experts who will be happy to help you.

Do you need your TV to turn and pull away from the wall?

This bracket only lets you tilt the TV so if you need more movement than this such as being able to pull it away from the wall then take a look at the PRMA250 instead. This bracket will give you full motion with left and right turn plus has an extendable arm. 

Also known as: Paramount PRMT220

Tech Spec


Model PRMT220
Range Paramount
Colour Black

TV Bracket

Allows TV to be tilted Yes
Maximum tilt angle 15 degrees up, 15 degrees down
Allows TV to be swiveled No
Allows TV to be rolled Yes
Angle of roll +/- 5 degrees
Allows TV to be pulled out from wall No
Maximum weight bracket can hold 25 kg