Peerless PEWS450

Peerless PEWS450 articulating wall mount for TV's from 37" to 63"

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"This fully articulated bracket will allow you to move your television into most positions with ease. Pull your TV away from the wall, turn it, tilt it, and then when done push it back flat against the wall. Its double articulated arm gives clear motion plus central flat positioning."



The Peerless PEWS450 is one of the most solid brackets we've seen on the market. Fully ariculated, it will allow you to pull your television up to 70cm away from your wall and will fold back against the wall. Bear in mind that the articulated arm that allows this is quite bulky so even when pushed back it will still be over 10cm away from your wall. However, if you are planning to use this in an alcove this should be absolutely fine.

Not only will it allow titl, swivel and rolling, it will also allow you to mount the TV in a portrait style - not something you'd usually want to do of course, but handy if you are using your TV in a commercial installation for example.

It can also take a massive 59kg load so even the biggest plasma screens should be comfortable on this bracket.

It comes with all the bits to attach your TV - you'll need to supply the wall fittings, and as always we'd recommend getting a professional to fit this bracket to your wall. 

Note that there are cheaper brackets available in the Peerless range that will do pretty much the same job but will cost less. For example, the Paramount PRMA450 is very similar but a lot cheaper - however it won't extend quite as far nor have such a high load limit.

If you need any advice then please do call us and we'll be happy to help.

Also known as: PEWS450/BK

Tech Spec


Model PEWS450/BK
Range PerfectMount
Colour Black

TV Bracket

Allows TV to be tilted Yes
Maximum tilt angle 5 degrees up, 15 degrees down
Allows TV to be swiveled Yes
Angle of swivel +/- 90 degrees
Allows TV to be rolled Yes
Angle of roll +/- 5 degrees
Allows TV to be pulled out from wall Yes
Maximum distance TV can be pulled from the wall 700 mm
Maximum weight bracket can hold 59 kg


Dimensions (W x H x D) 728 X 514 X 113 - 700 mm
Net weight 20 kg