Peerless PRMA450

Peerless PRMA450 full motion bracket for TV's from 37" to 70"

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"If you are looking for maximum movement for larger screens then this bracket might be the one for you. It can handle up to a 70 inch screen (as long as it's under 48kg in weight!) and will allow you to pull out, tilt, roll and turn your TV with ease. Perfect for large screens."


The Peerless Paramount PRMA450 is the ultimate in flexibilie positioning. It's compliant with VESA standards up to 600x400mm, which covers pretty much every screen we can think of. Thanks to retractable arms built into the bracket itself it can also hold screen sizes from 37 inches right up to 70 inches. As one of the few brackets capable of giving full articulation over 60 inches, we think you're probably looking at this as you've got a big screen!

Set up is simple - it uses a system that enables you to just hook the TV onto the bracket. How? Well it comes in two parts - the back plate attaches to your wall (parts not provided for this - we recommend using a qualified builder to ensure it's fitted securely) and the front plate attaches to the back of your TV (this bits easy and everythings provided other than the tools). Once all fitted you can hang the TV yourself, or if it's a big screen then a second person will be handy to help with the weight.

Once hung the TV has got incredible flexibiility for positioning. Pushed back as far as it will go the screen will be held about 74mm from the wall. It's a large gap but it needs that space for the heavy duty articulated arm. Pull it out and you'll be able to get it up to 544mm from the wall, or in any position in an arc from the rear wall plate. Wherever you want it, it's easy to move it into position.

Finally, twist, turn and roll your screen to get it into the perfect position for you. And that's it - leave it there, move it, push it back - whatever you need to do with ease.

Also known as: Peerless-AV PRMA450, PRMA 450, Paramount 450

Tech Spec


Model PRMA450
Range Paramount

TV Bracket

VESA Pattern 600 x 400
Allows TV to be tilted Yes
Maximum tilt angle 15 degrees up, 15 degrees down
Allows TV to be swiveled Yes
Angle of swivel +/- 90 degrees
Allows TV to be rolled Yes
Angle of roll +/- 5 degrees
Minimum distance from wall 74 mm
Allows TV to be pulled out from wall Yes
Maximum distance TV can be pulled from the wall 544mm
Maximum weight bracket can hold 48kg