Onkyo DS-A4

Onkyo DS-A4 iPod dock

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"If you want to add an iPod/iPhone dock to your system, then try this neat little device from Onkyo. Plug it into your kit and away you go - you can now charge and play back your iPod or iPhone through your stereo, cinema system or radio."


Buying a system with an iPod dock built in is near impossible nowadays with most manufacturers moving away from the restrictions of cables and docks and instead moving to wireless solutions. However, some of us still prefer docking our iPhone so that we can both charge and playback at the same time from a handy cradle.

Enter the DS-A4 - the latest in Onkyo's range of handy iPod docks that can be used with pretty much any other system. Whether you've already got a system, or are thinking of buying a new one, this handy cradle plugs straight into your system and allows you to use it as an iPod dock - both charging and playback at the same time.

It comes with its own handy remote control too so you can control your iPod or iPhone with ease, plus if you are using it with an Onkyo system with their own RI system you can use the system remote to control the dock.

As well as audio, the dock allows video output (if your iPod/iPhone has that capability) so you can run a picture to your TV too.

This elegant solution opens the doors to enhancing your existing system, or giving you the choice of any other system you want on the market by giving it its own iPod dock. Very clever stuff!

Also known as: DSA4, DS A4

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Model DS-A4
Colour Black