Mission MX1 speakers

Mission MX1 speakers

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"Classic award winning speakers from Mission. As this is their bread and butter it is no surprise that they are good at it!

Mission again have achieved a fantastic sound from a small compact and affordable speaker. Ideal for small rooms and systems."

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Misson are a brand that's been around for over 30 years. This writer in fact still owns a very respectable pair of Mission speakers purchased in the early '90s which still sound fantastic.

That aside, the Mission MX1 speakers are a slightly different breed due to changes within Mission themselves - it's not quite the same company as in the '90s. This sometimes puts people off Mission products and in general they are treated more cautiously and more like a budget brand. Whilst this is definitely true, these speakers attest to the fact that whilst they are budget they still ooze quality and performance.

Put them on a micro system such as the Denon DM39 and you'll be treated to a bright punchy performance that has attack and rhythm. Swap up your kit to a Marantz separates system and there's more detail and vibrancy. They are definitely more than just a cheap speaker. Positioning seems to be easy too - the cabinet is well designed so they seem happy on stands, on a shelf or against the wall. A little space at the rear is advised as there is a rear bass port, but it seems happy enough quite close to the wall.

The grilles oddly seem to help with sound - whereas on many other speakers grille off is best, on these we'd suggest keeping them on. 

So what's the bad? Well very little. As they are very bright we'd suggest keeping them away from cheap, bright electronics. You may also find that the quality of your speaker cables makes a difference. You'll need to purchase separate cable if you don't already have some, so we'd suggesta neutral but good quality multi strand copper cable. Don't spend a fortune but aim to spend about 10% of the speaker value. Other than that you should find these a pleasure at the price.

Also known as: MX 1, MX-1

Tech Spec


Model MX1


Speaker Configuration Pair of speakers
Speaker Type Bookshelf
Speaker power handling 25-100W
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Sensitivity 86dB
Crossover frequency 3.0kHz
Frequency response 58Hz - 20kHz
Speaker shielding No


Dimensions (W x H x D) 172 x 280 x 258 mm
Net weight 5.1 kg