LG Televisions

About LG Televisions

LG are one of the biggest manufacturers of televisions in the world and as well as producing their own sets, the panels that come from their factories are used in a multitude of other manufacturers sets such as Panasonic.

They are generally considered to be highly specified with excellent value for money; the offset of this is that they don't have quite the same picture quality as market leaders Samsung, but with prices considerably cheaper than Samsung on many models with the same specifications LG sets are a great choice if you want to save money whilst still getting a high quality set.

LG always produce a large (and sometimes confusing!) range of televisions, and are currently the only manufacturers to support OLED with a range of OLED sets that continue to impress. This has pushed LG into the forefront of many of our minds as we seek an improvement on LED picture technology.

Still, with LED prices much lower than an OLED, LED continues to dominate the market and LG still provide a great range of LED sets.

With such a huge range of sets available it can be tricky to find the right set for you so we've started you off by selecting some of your favourite types of television below. You can of course browse all the TV's available too - we'll give you some hints and tips on how to narrow down your search once you've selected the category you want to browse.

Of course, if you can't see what you want here then why not get in touch with one of our experts who can help you find the right television for you?