LG AG-F315

LG AG-F315 pack of 4 3D glasses

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"This pack of 4 glasses is perfect if you own an LG television and you need some extra glasses. Most LG TVs will come with 4 pairs

anyway, but if your family is 5 or more this will let everyone enjoy 3D movies and shows at home at the same time."

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The LG AG-F315 is a pack of 4 3D glasses for use with LG televisions. They are not compatible with other brands, but if you own a 3D LED LG television then these should work fine.

Most LG televisions come with 4 pairs of free glasses plus 2 pairs of dual play glasses, so if your family is 5 or more (or if you like having friends over) then another 4 pairs will be essential for you to all enjoy 3D movies.

Please note - as these are passive 3D glasses they will not work with 3D LG plasma television which require active 3D glasses.

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Model AG-F315


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