LG AG-F310

LG AG-F310DP Dual Play glasses twin pack

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"These Dual Play glasses give a new perspective to two-player gaming,

allowing both players to have the full screen experience."

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As you probably know, 3D televisions work by displaying two slightly offset images on the screen at the same time, one for the left eye and one for the right. You then use appropriate glasses to view the image, and your brain decodes this as a three dimensional picture.

LG have come up with an ingenious use for this technology for playing two-player games where normally you would view the action in split screen. The LG TV can show both parts of the game simultaneously in full screen. You then use the LG AG-F310DP Dual Play glasses to view just the part of the game you need without halving the screen size.

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Model AG-F310DP
Colour Orange


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