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HEOS by Denon Extend wireless network extender

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"A clever bit of kit! If your wi-fi signal doesn't reach every room in your house or you suffer from interference

this little box will solve the problem allowing clear, uninterrupted sound right across your HEOS system."



HEOS by Denon have done away with the need to have any of their speakers wired in to a network or having a separate hub connected to your router. Great! But what happens if you wi-fi signal doesn't reach as far as you need it to, or there's a lot of interference? That's where the HEOS by Denon Extend comes in. It can be used as both a wi-fi extender and as a problem solver to cut out interference.

If you simply need more reach to your signal, it's just a case of placing the box within range of your router. The Extend will then pick up that signal and re-transmit it giving you a much bigger range. Thanks to the dual band technology, the Extend can also be used as a problem solver. It can transmit on both 2.4GHz (used by most routers) and 5GHz bandwidths . Very few other devices transmit on the 5GHz bandwidth which means that your HEOS system can run with no interference from other devices in your home.

This is an optional product and you may find your HEOS system will run off your existing network with no problems but if you do need a boost, this fits the bill perfectly!

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