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Geneva Model S Wireless DAB+ system

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"Classic hi-fi sound from a style speaker - we can barely believe it. However, this stereo speaker unit really delivers outstanding sound

yet looks....modern! With FM and DAB built in you can use it as a radio, or use Bluetooth to stream music from your smart phone."

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It isn't often we drool over speaker systems, much less ones that seem a little unsure as to what they are. Is it a radio? Or a wireless speaker? Geneva themselves don't seem to sure either so have marketed the Geneva Model S Wireless DAB+ as...well, just that - a wireless DAB system.

It's probably best to think of it this way. If you are after a decent quality FM/DAB radio and it's nice to have the ability to play music from your phone through it, then this is the right unit for you. If you aren't after that, but you are after a wireless speaker system to play music from your phone and it would be nice to have a tuner in it too...then this is also the right unit for you.

That may not have made things 100% clear but the important thing is - it's the right unit. This system simply blew us away right from the start regardless of what we were listening to. Sound is clear, vocals taut and bass defined - and it sounds exciting. It's so often the case that these sorts of systems just sound okay, or even tired, but this system has energy.

Switch to classical and emotion is spread through the room. It literally shocked us the expression that this unit got from even the most simple of tracks.

There's an option on here to wire in something via a 3.5mm jack and this is useful if you have an older MP3 player. Oddly there is no USB port - something we thought is almost obligatory nowadays. This means you can't play back memory sticks and also means no charging and playback of iPhones (although of course playback via wireless is still possibly) but its a minor niggle in what otherwise is an outstanding unit.

Use it for music - and love it. It really did put a smile on our faces. It comes with a little stand you can put it on, although we preferred it just on a flat surface. There's a display on the front and controls are either via the rather fetching glowing interface on the top or by the remote control. They have even thrown in an FM antenna if you need a little bit of a boost on your signal.

As if our praise wasn't enough, What Hi-Fi magazine awarded this product the Best Wireless Speaker £300-£400 in their 2013 awards. Their review is outstanding (as is ours) and you can read it by clicking here. They also gave it the nod in the 'Wireless Speakers £300-£500' category at the 2014 What Hifi Awards.

What Hifi 5 stars

Tech Spec


Model Model S DAB+
This product is collection only No

Tuner Section

Tuner FM, DAB, DAB+
Tuner presets 6 in total


Total power rating 30W
Speaker Configuration Integrated stereo speakers


Is it networkable? No

Inputs and Outputs

Analog connections 1 in (minijack)
Bluetooth Yes


Remote Control Remote control included


Dimensions (W x H x D) 235 x 149 x 176 mm
Net weight 3.35 kg