Denon HDCP2.2 chip board

Denon upgrade AVR-X7200W to AVR-X7200WA

"If you have a Denon AVR-X7200W then you might be interested in upgrading it to the latest version, the AVR-X7200WA. The WA version has the addition of a new card with the HDCP2.2 chip built in making it compatible with the latest version of 4K."

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1 x Denon AVR-X7200 upgrade kit   +£149.00

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4K has always been slightly confusing as no firm format was decided upon. As suppliers (such as Netflix) started to use 4K content then the format changed and finally settled. What this meant was that a lot of 4K kit just wasn't compatible with the sources that were appearing and in particular the addition of a copy protection format known as HDCP2.2 stopped a lot of kit from being compatible as it required a physical chip in order to work - no software update could resolve the issue.

This rendered a lot of kit pretty much useless overnight, but with Denon they wanted to preserve the mighty AVR-X7200W so they came up with the ingenius idea of making a post fit upgrade that would enable the receiver to work with the latest 4K formats. 

As HDCP2.2 requires a physical chip, Denon created an upgrade card and converted all their existing stock with this card - renaming it the AVR-X7200WA. But what if you already had the AVR-X7200W?

Easily enough, it can be done by fitting the same upgrade card to your existing AVR-X7200W. This needs to be done by an authorised Denon engineer so you'll need to return your goods to Denon for this to happen, and Denon will charge you £149 for the upgrade. Luckily we can sort this for you - you can either return your unit to one of our locations or we can collect the goods directly from you for a small fee.

As this is the same upgrade that was done to all existing stock, your unit will effectively be exactly the same as if you've purchased a brand new AVR-X7200WA.

The total time to upgrade the kit should take around 3 to 4 weeks but we'll of course keep you updated on your order progress via email - and do get in touch if you have any questions on your upgrade!

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Model AVR-X7200W to AVR-X7200WA