Denon DHT-T100

Denon DHT-T100 Soundbase

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"Denon's foray into the sound base market is this surprisingly well priced system. It's considerably less in price than the similar

offerings from BOSE yet maintains a good overall sound quality. Sure, you'll get a little more from the BOSE but this is a lot cheaper!"

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Since the BOSE Solo came out everyone is racing to produce their own versions. Denon have come out with the Denon DHT-T100 Soundbase. It's a simple concept. Flat screen TV's just don't produce great sound - no matter what. A very flat screen means one thing only - no bass, or very poor bass, and audibly we have yet to find a flat screen that even comes close to a separate sound system.

But of course, this means lots of clutter. Soundbars were the first solution - a single bar running the width of your TV, often with a subwoofer, but it wasn't until BOSE hit upon the simple idea of making a flat box that your TV could stand on that these new 'soundbases' really took off. Of course, everyone has been keen to bring out their own versions.

All you need do is plug in an audio output from your TV into the rear of the box and put your TV on top of it and that's it. There are three types of audio input - analog via a minijack, optical or co-axial. Most will use optical of course as this has become the standard for TV audio out. The Denon also includes a Bluetooth connection so you can connect your phone as well to play back music.

There's some slight physical limitations in putting a TV on top. First you have to be sure that it will fit of course! This box has a 60cm by 35cm footprint so most TV's will fit on top with no problem. You'll also need to make sure it isn't too heavy - this box will take 27kg of weight without a problem which covers most screens apart from the largest heaviest plasma screens.

Once working though its all great. There's a separate volume control for the box so you don't always have to have it on - just turn it on and turn it up when you want crystal clear dialog and sound - but we think you'll soon leave your TV sound off as its a sharp difference in quality. There's two decent tweeters and also two subwoofers in there so there's a complete range of sound to enjoy.

There's nothing more complex too it - no other cables to worry about, it's all thankfully simple. Sure, you could get a bit more volume and quality from the BOSE, but we like this one - it's affordable which is the main attraction, and does the job well.

Tech Spec


Model DHT-T100


Maximum surround 2.1
Number of channels 2
Surround sound processing Dolby Digital

Inputs and Outputs

HDMI connections None
Optical connections 1 in
Digital Co-axial connections 1 in
Analog connections 1 in (minijack)
USB connections None
Bluetooth Yes


Is it Smart? No
Screen Mirroring No


Curved screen or soundbar No
Speaker Configuration Soundbase
Frequency response 40Hz - 20kHz


Dimensions (W x H x D) 608 x 71 x 355 mm
Net weight 4.3 kg


Remote Control Remote control included