Denon DA-300USB DAC

Denon DA-300USB DAC

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"DAC's are not high on most people's lists when they are kitting out their stereo system, but with digital media creeping into stereo music

more and more it is certainly a serious consideration if you want to enjoy digital media in the best way possible."

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Twenty years ago off board DAC's were common, but as digital media started appearing it seemed that DAC's became less popular, particular as most AV receivers have their own built in DAC's and some selected stereo amplifiers started appearing with built in DAC's too. However, in recent years interest in DAC's has risen again, mainly to partner computer set ups or audio streaming devices such as Sonos.

The idea is simple. The DAC is the heart of any digital system. It converts digital into audio and the better it does this, the better the sound is. Denon have produced the DA-300USB to give us a good quality DAC at a low price. It's effectively the same DAC that they use in their top range CD players so is audiophile quality. Plug any digital output into this unit and it will stream out high quality audio. Plug that into your amplifier and you've got great sound.

There's also a USB attachment (hence the name!) if you want to plug directly into your computer making things even easier.

It's flexible enough to use with most digital streaming devices we've seen on the market and will give you a considerable boost to sound quality, especially if you are storing music in a high bit rate or lossless format. Theoretically it can even beat CD sound quality on the right media as CD's are compressed. The resutls can be pretty surprising!

As well as providing music for a stereo there's also an onboard headphone amplifier so if you want to you can plug headphones straight in for perfect results.

Also known as: DA300USB, DA-300, DA300

Tech Spec


Model DA-300USB

Inputs and Outputs

Analog connections 1 out
Optical connections 2 in
Digital Co-axial connections 1 in