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"Right at the top end of Bowers & Wilkins iPhone headphone range, this headphone really is remarkable and combines versatility,

style and ease of use into one rather special headphone. Sure, the price tag is slightly intimidating, but this is the ultimate in headgear."

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So ths is it - the best headphone that Bowers & Wilkins make, and with a scarily high price tag too. But do they justify that price? We've tried them on a variety of different systems and, more interestingly, also compared them against the outstanding (and much cheaper) P5 headphones to see what we think.

Surprisingly there's a very clear audio improvement here, and not just a subtle one despite the P5's incredible sound. The soundstage is opened up and instruments separate out into distinct and clear voices, each blending perfectly with each other to create what we can only described as a musical landscape. Different styles of music are treated with the same reverance, whether hard rock, disco, classical or dance.

High energy tracks are where things really shine, but it's very easy to lay back with subtle vocals and understated instruments and just revel in the sound these headphones produce. 

Interestingly, these headphones are still classed as for Apple, much as all the B&W headphone range is, but we think these would easily work as a dedicated headphone for a high end stereo system too.

That's really the only minus we can throw at them - at this price it does seem they deserve more than the average iPhone. However, if you want to really get the best then this is the way to go. If only we could justify that cost!

What Hifi 5 starsWhat Hifi 5 stars

What Hifi magazine reveiwed these headphones in August 2014 and awarded them 5 stars.

"If you’re after superb sounding on-ears and portability is a priority, then these P7s could be your best buy of the year."

You can read the full review here.

Also known as: B&W P7, Bowers and Wilkins P7

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