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Bowers & Wilkins P5 noise isolating headphones

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"These classy headphones have been discontinued by B&W and replaced with the series 2 model.

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Bowers & Wilkins class these headphones as 'pure luxury'. We can see why. Getting them out of the box is actually rather exciting, and plugging them in for the first time and listening to them is pretty revealing.

They are designed for Apple, which doesn't stop you using them with other devices but we think they work best with an iPhone or iPod. If you've stored your music at a high bit rate the end result is pretty remarkable, even if it is 'just' from your phone. Lower bit rate tracks (such as from the iStore) aren't quite at the same standard but are still a huge step up from most other headphones.

Try something with punch such as Linkin Park or David Guetta and the bass strikes you solidly - there's no distortion. Guitars and vocals sound clean and pure, and the energy is pretty driving. Switch to something more laid back and you can sit back and relax whilst enjoying details never heard before. Surprisingly these headphones are more revealing than most mid range stereo systems which is a rather pleasant surprise.

The phones themselves are comfortable. They fit easy to your head and the adjustable band means its comfortable for even the largest (or smallest) heads. the pads are pleasant - they squash ever so slightly giving a nice fitted feel and don't feel uncomfortable even after several hours use.

It's not really a surprise that these headphones have picked up outstanding ratings across the board with the likes of T3 and MacLife magazine giving them outstanding reviews. We think these headphones are a winner and you'll be sure to enjoy them.

Also known as: B&W P5, Bowers and Wilkins P5

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