Bose SoundLink III

Bose SoundLink III bluetooth speaker

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"This powerful portable speaker from Bose allows you to play any Bluetooth device through the speaker. It's also got

a rechargeable battery built in so you can take it out and about with you. It's perfect for picnics or for camping holidays."

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The Bose SoundLink III is a Bluetooth speaker designed with portabliity in mind, but it is equally great for music in the home. It allows you to connect any Bluetooth enabled device to play back music instantly - or in simpler terms, use your phone to play music through this speaker!

Thanks to its size, it's perfect for using for a group of friends to enjoy - perhaps a picnic, or a day out at the beach. Anyone you choose to can connect to the speaker to play back their music. If you are using it at home, the same applies. There's also a USB port and an auxhillary input if you want to play back something else. 

It comes with a mains lead for charging your speaker at home, but there's also an optional 12V car charger for when you are out and about and want to keep that speaker going. With a full battery, it will last quite a long time - up to 14 hours depending on how loudly you are playing back your music.

Bear in mind that this unit is Bluetooth only and is designed with portability in mind. If you are looking for a unit just for the home why not take a look at some of the alternative products listed below?

However, if powerful and portable Bluetooth is what you are looking for, this may be perfect for you!

Tech Spec


Model SoundLink III

Inputs and Outputs

Analog connections 1 in (minijack)
Bluetooth Yes


Dimensions (W x H x D) 25.6 x 13.15 x 4.8 cm
Net weight 1.37 kg