The SEK-3500U/XC - An Installation Guide

If you're reading this we're guessing that by now you will have either already received your evolution kit, or are thinking about ordering one.

We though it would help to provide an installation guide to give you a bit of help with your kit.

We’ve had a lot of great feedback on how good the kit is, we’ve also had a small number of customers who experienced some issues on installation, so we decided to give some useful tips on installation, and also to advise you on what do to next if you have any problems.

Some useful tips on installing your kit

Although the process for installing your kit is usually straightforward, even a small deviation from the installation instructions can result in your update failing.

Make sure you follow the instructions provided precisely. In particular please ensure that you update your televisions software before starting installation, and that you change the One Connect cable for the new cable provided.

We’ve also found this excellent clip on YouTube that takes you step by step through the installation process. It refers to the American version of the Evolution Kit, but the instructions are the same for the UK version.

If your installation fails…firstly retry the installation again

Unplug everything then plug back in your old One Connect Box (including the old cable!) and turn your TV back on. Your TV should be back to how it was before you started installation. Retry the installation from the start using our tips above to ensure your kit is installed correctly.

…if you are still having problems, contact Samsung support on 0330 726 7864

Samsung support will be able to provide further support plus they will be able to investigate and resolve any specific issues you might have. If the issue is a software specific problem that requires a fix from their engineers, they will pass the issue to their engineers to get the problem sorted for you.

An important note on Samsung support

Samsung support is primarily based in the UK, but they have an overflow call centre based outside of the UK. Unfortunately, due to a training issue the overflow call centre will not recognise the SEK-3500U as being released in the UK, and will also claim that the kit is not UK specification. This is entirely incorrect as your kit has come from Samsung UK and has been built specifically for the UK.

We’ve raised this with Samsung UK on several occasions as it causes a lot of issues for both us and for you but this still seems to be happening.

If you have this experience, we’d recommend trying calling back again and ask to speak to the UK call centre who will give you the correct advice. We have found that calling the number and pressing option 2 and option 2 again will usually take you though to the UK call centre.If you are still having problems please read the next section for advice on how we can help you further.

…if Samsung support cannot resolve your issue

If you are having problems getting a resolution from Samsung, or believe your kit to be physically be faulty, please can you ask Samsung support for the following:

1)      Your Samsung support customer number, which will be a 10 digit number starting with 211 or 212

2)      Permission for Best AV Deals to speak to them about your issue

Please then pass your Samsung support customer number to us along with details of the issue you are experiencing. We will investigate further and get back in touch with you to advise you on what steps we will be taking to resolve your issue.

…please be assured that if all else fails, we will help!

Please do follow the above steps first, but if all else fails we can still help. You are covered by UK Law in the following manner:

-       If your unit has a physical fault we can replace or refund it within 30 days

-       If your unit doesn’t have a physical fault, or you aren’t happy with your unit for any other reason, you can contact us within 14 days to request a returns number

We hope this helps and please be assured we will do our best to assist you if there are any issues.


Good Luck!

The Best AV Deals Team

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