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Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air iPod dock

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"The last version of the Zeppelin to feature an iPhone dock has been discontinued! The replacement is the Zeppelin Wireless which was launched in October 2015. It has gone completely wireless with no dock at all and a huge improvement on sound quality."
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2007 saw the first arrival in Bowers & Wilkins new range of products. Up until then they had been seen largely as a high end speaker manufactuer, so a new range of Apple orientated products was a surprisng but understandable direction change. Since then, they have become firmly cemented in the publics mind as one of the leading manufactuers of Apple products. All of their range has exceptional sound and high attention to detail that simply make them blend seamlessly - literally made for Apple.

That first product was the Zeppelin, the forbearer of the B&W Zeppelin Air. Effectively the same product minus the wireless connectivity it stunned with its original looks and exhilarating sound coupled with design features that were simply exciting. This wireless version came in 2011 and was followed in 2013 by a version with the lightening adaptor fitted for the latest range of iPhones and iPods.

Both versions are however identical other than that, and boast some impressive features. Of course, sound is the key and you'll find this system really does get the most out of your iPhone. There are several ways you can play back your music but the most popular will be either by plugging your phone into the dock (and controlling via that pebble shaped remote), or by using AirPlay. However, you can also stream music from your own computer.

Whatever way you choose to play back music, the sound is simply thumping. There's a subwoofer inside with rear ports designed to reveal detail that is usually lost, and the high quality mid range and high end drive units concealed inside excite.

The iPhone is of course charged whilst in the dock, and surprisingly you can add multiple Zeppelins to your home to create a simple multi room sound system, with units either playing or not, each with their own volumes and even with their own music if you prefer.

We do like this system. Add the wall bracket to your order if you wish to wall mount.

Tech Spec


Model Zeppelin Air


Speaker Configuration Integrated stereo speakers with centre channel and subwoofer
Frequency response 51Hz - 36kHz


Is it networkable? Yes, either by wire or wireless

Inputs and Outputs

Analog connections 1 in (minijack)
USB connections 1, To playback and charge iPods/iPhones, To stream music from PC/Mac
Apple connections iPhone & iPod via dock, Airplay


Remote Control Remote control included


Dimensions (W x H x D) 640 x 173 x 208 mm
Net weight 6.2 kg