B&W SA250 Mk2

B&W SA250 Mk2 in wall subwoofer amplifier


"This amplifier is a dedicated subwoofer amplifier for the Bowers & Wilkins in wall subwoofers. It can be used to either run a single in wall subwoofer or to run two subwoofers (i.e. you'll only need one of these for a two subwoofer system)."



The Bowers & Wilkins SA250 Mk2 has been developed to accompany the Bowers & Wilkins range of in wall speakers. It effectively provides amplification to either one or two subwoofers - your choice of either the ISW-3 or the ISW-4. It provides a total of 250W of power and has an EQ switch so you can switch between your choice of subwoofer for the best results.

To set it up, just run in the audio outputs from your AV receiver into the rear. There's a choice of RCA line inputs or XLR inputs. Select the EQ for the type of subwoofer you are using (ISW-3 or ISW-4) and then attach your subwoofer or subwoofers. There are two pairs of speaker binding posts to allow you to run two subs if you choose to run a .2 system.

Finally. power it up and enjoy. It's worth calibrating through your AV receiver to get the very best results, but we think this combination sounds fantastic. Give it around 100 hours running in to get the very best out of it.

Also known as: SA250, SA-250, SA250 MkII

Tech Spec


Model SA250 Mk2
Range No


Amplifier type Integrated
Number of channels 1
Power per channel 250W
Total power rating 250W

Inputs and Outputs

Analog connections 1 in, 1 out
XLR connections 1 in, 1 out


Dimensions (W x H x D) 430 x 100 x 322 mm
Net weight 5.4 kg