B&W MM-1 (laptop not included)

B&W MM-1 active speaker system

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"Sound with just speakers. All you need to do is connect a playback device, whether it be your computer a phone or even a CD player. Whatever you connect, these speakers will play it back. No amplifier required - they are built into these speakers already."



This product is perhaps a Bluetooth connection away from perfection. Without Bluetooth, it is still however a fantastic device and we hope one day Bowers & Wilkins build a Bluetooth version! However, there's a reason for that. Although we think these speakers could do so much more, they are primarily aimed at computer owners. Specifically, they are effectively a high class computer speaker.

Now the reason we think they could be more is simple - these speakers have a mini USB port and a 3.5mm headphone jack input. These of course are there to connect to your computer - but you could attach anything, including your phone and even CD players or any playback device with a headphone out. Imagine using these to connect your phone to wirelessly. Even if you use these in an office environment that would be great!

Of course we aren't knocking the B&W MM-1 - they are after all fantastic as they are. With Bowers & Wilkins long standing reputation as a high quality audio manufacturer means these speakers benefit from years and years of experience into creating one of the finest computer speakers we've ever used. You'll be impressed as are we.

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Model MM-1
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