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Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2 in-ear headphones

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"Introduced in 2014 to replace the rather fantastic C5 in ear headphones, the Series 2 uses the same clever in ear loop (which we love) but improves on sound quality with a redesigned drive unit giving even more natural sound."
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We are huge fans of this headphone here (and I mean huge). Designed to work ideally with an iPhone, they are also great for any audio device that you want to listen to whilst on the move...however the iPhone owners here really do love them as they compliment the iPhone perfectly.

Probably the most impressive aspect is the 'aural loop', that ring that sits above the ear piece. It's unique and incredibly good. One of the biggest problems with in ears is the fact they drop out all the time or don't sit comfortably. Not with these! The loop is a firm yet pliable extension of the cable and can be adjusted in size to fit within your outer ear (not over the ear!). We've never come across anything like it, but the end result is that the earpiece stays in place, it doesn't push or hurt your ear canal and it's incredibly comfortable.

Apart from that these sound fantastic. The audio is definitely an improvement on the older C5 with music sounding effortless. Gentle acousitc guitar or violins sound soulful whilst hard hitting bass and drums kicks without being painful; in fact this is close to high end hi-fi rather than the usual cheap and cheerful affair you find on most in ear headphones.

On top of that there's a built in microphone so you can make calls via your iPhone plus a small dongle on the wire that gives you volume and track control easily.

We do gush about these headphones - but that's because we love them. Try them too!

Also known as: C5S2, C5 S2

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Model C5 S2