B&W ASW610XP subwoofer


"This meaty subwoofer uses a 500W amplifier along with a closed cabinet design and a 10 inch drive unit to provide an exceptional level of sound quality. Bass becomes controlled and detailed and nuances are revealed that you'll be surprised at. Recommended."



The B&W ASW610XP lies at the top of B&W's standard subwoofer range and combines high power with a 10 inch drive unit in order to fill your room with ease. Pressuring your room correctly with a subwoofer is the key to accurate, detailed and controlled bass and this subwoofer finds that job easy.

As a result you'll find levels of detail you wouldnt have expected. Indeed using a high quality subwoofer can be a revelation, especially if you've been used to lower quality subwoofers that blare out noise as opposed to controlling and providing true depths of bass. This subwoofer really does reveal a lot.

Partner it with a good quality stereo speaker or as part of a home cinema set up and you'll be enjoying music and movies equally. We like this subwoofer a lot and we are sure you will too.

Is there better out there? Well yes, but you'd have to look above £1000 to get a true jump up in quality. Indeed, Bowers & Wilkins own PV1D subwoofer is a strong contender to this subwoofer, but is almost twice the value. Why not speak to one of our experts if you'd like advice on your own particular system?

Tech Spec


Model ASW610XP
This product is collection only Yes
Colour Black


Subwoofer power 500W
Subwoofer frequency response 25-140 Hz
Subwoofer type Active
Subwoofer speaker type Forward firing