B&W ASW608 in Matte Black

Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 subwoofer

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"The entry level subwoofer in Bowers & Wilkins subwoofer range, this subwoofer has a good low price with a high audio quality. Good for both music and movies, it is better suited to small to medium sized rooms. It's very small at less than a foot cubed in size."

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The B&W ASW608 is a 200W active subwoofer with an 8" drive unit. It works best in smaller rooms, although you should be able to use it in medium sized rooms too - it will lack a little of its punch as you go up in size but will still work.

As always with Bowers & Wilkins, their subwoofers are adept at both music and movies so you should find this subwoofer is versatile whatever your requirements. This is the smallest and cheapest subwoofer in their range but that doesn't mean it is lacking - it still provides a taut sound and sound remains good. We'd recommend matching it to speaker systems that don't exceed £1000 in cost though.

If you do need a little more, take a look at the ASW610 which works better in larger rooms. It's essentially the same amplification but drives a 10" speaker which means it will fill a larger room far easier.

The ASW608 comes in a choice of three finishes; a traditional Black Ash which is perfect if you are intending to use it with their traditional range of full sized speakers, a Soft Touch Black which is designed to match the M-1 satellite speakers and also a Matte White finish which also works beautifully with the M-1 speakers.

Also known as: ASW 608

Tech Spec


Model ASW608


Subwoofer power 200W
Subwoofer frequency response 23-140Hz
Subwoofer type Active
Subwoofer speaker type Forward firing


Subwoofer dimensions (W x H x D) 260 x 260 x 330 mm
Subwoofer net weight 8.85 kg