B&W 683 S2 Theatre pack

Bowers & Wilkins 683 S2 Theatre 5.1 speaker pack

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"The top set up for the Bowers & Wilkins 600 series theatre systems. With two powerful floorstanders on the front and true dipole speakers on the rears you will get an outstanding system built for your home. Ideal for medium to large sized rooms."

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Bowers & Wilkins have a long history of producing some of the finest speakers in the world. In recent years they have diverged into home theatre with great success, but they still produce some classic stereo speakers too. All their modern stereo speaker ranges have been designed to work within a home theatre system too, so whatever your need you should find a speaker to suit.

The B&W 683 S2 Theatre is part of the 600 Series, Bowers & Wilkins entry level range of speakers. This range comprises of a choice of different floorstanding and stand mount speakers as well as two centres and a choice of three different theatre systems that can be constructed from speakers within the series.

This system is their suggested top end system. You can of course build your own, but the components in this system have been selected to provide you with the ultimate system. It uses the 683 S2 floorstanders on the front which provide weight and presence for both cinema and stereo sound. The HTM61 S2 centre speaker compliments the floorstanders and provides a solid centre channel giving you both strong vocals and a clear soundstage.  The system also includes the excellent 686 S2 rear speakers.

Finally, the incredibly accurate ASW610XP subwoofer underpins the entire system adding weight and presence to both music and film.

This is a no brainer for an outstanding cinema system. If you'd like more advice and support on this system or if you'd like help in configuring your own please feel free to contact one of our trained experts who can help you.

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Model 683 S2 Theatre
Range 600 Series
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